The HIDDEN Truth in the Treasury’s New Report

According to a new U.S. Treasury report…

“Wages grew faster than consumer prices in 2023 – giving Americans a $1,000 spending boost.”

But according to the Fed’s official FRED data site, median wages are up 12.9% while inflation is up 16.8% since Feb 1, 2021 – forcing Americans to lose 4% of their purchasing power since Biden took office.

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As I was scrolling the news the other day…

I stumbled on an article titled:

“Strong wage growth gave Americans a $1,000 spending boost in 2023.”

The article talked about how a new U.S. Treasury report “showed” how Americans had more money to spend in 2023.

That’s because U.S. real wages—wages adjusted for inflation—have risen 0.8% over the last 12 months, according to the Treasury’s recent report.

They also said how this growth is 0.2% higher than the average annual real wage growth in the 10 years before the pandemic.

Concluding that…

“That income growth brought along increasing consumer purchasing power. In 2023, the median American worker can afford the same goods and services they did in 2019 — and still would have $1,000 left.”

In what universe does the Treasury live?

It’s no secret that most Americans feel substantially poorer today than they did when Biden took office.

And that’s because his policies have devastated Americans’ finances.

He has waged a relentless war against American energy. This has greatly increased the cost of energy, which has increased costs throughout the economy.

Then you have his spending agenda.

To pay for his runaway spending spree…

The Fed created TRILLIONS of dollars out of thin air.

This is a major reason why we’ve experienced massive inflation since 2020.

Yes, the inflation rate is falling, but prices remain very high compared with where they were three years ago.

So the TRUTH the U.S. Treasury’s report didn’t reveal is that…

While many Americans earn more today, their paychecks buy them less.

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