The Market Favors THIS Kind of Investor

“The dealers on Wall Street could make huge fortunes if only they had no inside information.”

That’s what John Maynard Keynes said 90 years ago…

I will explain WHY the market favors the sovereign individual income investor…

… as well as how this information could help you realize $1,000… $2,000… and even $5,000 in income flowing effortlessly into your bank account evermonth.

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Did you know that you hold advantages over professional investors that you likely never considered?

I can name four off the top of my head.

The first is that you control your expenses when you choose your investments.

Most online brokerages attach no commission for trading stocks.

And when you own a stock, there’s no additional expense for you.

But if you were to have someone else manage your money…

The fees can absorb a substantial portion of your profits.

Why pay a famous money manager when you could replicate his core portfolio on your own?

Information is not only easy to find…

It’s easy to replicate if you wanted to 10x your income as I reveal here.

Tax management is the second reason the market favors the individual investor.

As a sovereign investor…

You choose when, where, and how long you invest. 

You’re free from peer pressure… 

And free from being forced to accept a tax liability imposed on you by a fund manager.

YOU are in the driver’s seat of your financial destiny.

This gives you 100% control of your finances, as it should be.

YOU decide how much or how little to invest…

YOU decide if you want to hold cash…

YOU are the one with direct control over your wealth.

And that’s a good thing, because as a sovereign investor you possess another advantage: Time.

It works with life, it works with investing. Discipline, tenacity, persistence, embracing the grind, enduring the pain… They require patience, so they require time.

And most importantly… 

You can implement the right strategy over time.

Case in point.

For the past 5+ years, I’ve been sharing with members of Wyatt Research an income strategy that has delivered returns year in and year out, without fail.

This is an easy strategy to implement…

And it offers investors the opportunity to collect 1-day payouts of 2,860… $4,120… and even $4,501 from America’s most profitable companies.

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Now, for the fourth advantage: Size.

The smaller investor you are, the nimbler you are.

As opposed to institutional investors…

You can buy and sell a stock with no worry about moving the share price.

The options are universal. The entire stock market is yours to consider.

Warren Buffett, in comparison, can consider only a sliver of the market.

He can consider only investments that can absorb billions of dollars. His options are few and far between. 

But yours are many.

If you’ve found yourself underestimating yourself…

I hope I have helped you see your natural advantages as an individual sovereign income investor.

But words are cheap.

To help you capitalize on your advantages…

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Good Fortunes,

Steve Mauzy

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