This September Indicator Predicts 83% Profits

Everything had been looking SO good.

Stocks approaching all-time highs. Inflation coming down. And the Fed ending its rate hikes.

So, what’s next for stocks?

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Just when everything was looking so good…

It hasn’t been an easy year for investors – thanks to…

  • Soaring interest rates and persistent inflation
  • The biggest bank failures in U.S. history
  • Economists lining up to forecast an imminent recession

It’s no surprise that many investors moved their cash to the sidelines. And a lot of folks chose to “wait and see” – before jumping back into stocks.

Everything started to change in June.

Inflation numbers cooled more than expected. The Fed paused its interest rate hikes. Economists backed off their recession predictions.

Stocks started breaking out – signaling a new bull market was brewing.

The investing playbook is pretty clear about buying into strong rallies. By the end of July, sidelined investors pushed the market to within a stone’s throw of all-time highs.

EV stocks broke out. AI stocks were on fire.

Now it’s late August and it’s like they flipped the script.

  • The Fed’s talking about more rate hikes
  • Inflation has ticked up a little
  • Recession may be back on the table

Plus, September and October are typically two of the WORST months for stocks.

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So, what should you do now? Take the loss and get back on the sideline? Or try to stick it out and risk small losses turning into big ones?

I’ve got some information about what’s ahead that you might want to see…

Profit Window Trading Game Plan – September Edition
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