The New American Banking SEISMIC Shift

According to a dozen executives and investment bankers…

The forces that started the banking crisis and rocked the market in March are about to rock the market AGAIN – and this time they say it could produce a seismic shift in the American financial landscape – a shift on par with the 2008 financial crisis.

If they’re right, this unique blueprint could prove invaluable…

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Back in March…

JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon said “this part of the crisis is over.”

The market has settled since Dimon spoke.

But the forces that ignited the banking crisis are still at play.

Rising interest rates, losses on commercial real estate, and heightened regulatory scrutiny will pressure regional and mid-sized banks… leading to a NEW wave of mergers – according to insiders who spoke with CNBC.

They say that a full-blown 2008-style banking crisis is around the corner…

… with many of the country’s 4,672 banks being FORCED to merge with a  stronger partner.

I’m unsure if they’re right, and they’re likely unsure, as well.

But one thing is clear: Federal Reserve officials have signaled that interest rates are likely to remain higher for longer.

And this is creating an opportunity for income investors like you.

Higher interest rates translate to higher income.

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You’ll learn the income strategies that the wealthy use in unsettled times…

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One of them is Shadow Funds: A type of fund most investors overlook that has been helped wealthy investors become wealthier when uncertainty overwhelms the market.

Many of these funds pay distributions that yield 10% or more…

… with most paying their distributions in monthly installments.

Some Shadow Funds are generating returns of 21%… 29%… 34%… and even 67%.

Their yields can be up to 10x higher than those offered by the typical ETF.

If you invested $10k into a typical ETF…

You might be paid between $70 and $560 over the next year.

The same amount invested in Shadow Funds could return $2,100 $2,900… $3,400… or even $6,700.

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These investments are disconnected from stocks, bonds, or other funds…

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You’ll discover how it’s possible to collect…

  • A minimum 7% income from your home for the next 30 years
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