According to a new Yahoo Finance article…

Rising gas prices could help the Federal Reserve fight inflation.

But how could the thing causing inflation help fight inflation?

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Mainstream media and Ivy League economists have never been less reliable.

For instances, in a note to clients…

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) economistEllen Zenter says that high oil prices could be a “blessing in disguise.”


In Ms. Zenter’s words:

“We find that an increase in energy prices from negative supply shocks has only a small pass through to core CPI while weighing on spending.”

And according to Ms. Zenter, while there are concerns that rising energy prices could spark price increases across the board (and, therefore, send core inflation higher), the risk “may not be as significant as initially thought.”

Like Ms. Zenter, the Fed focuses on core inflation… which excludes Americans most budget-busting purchases: food and energy.

Here’s the brutal truth.

Rising oil prices lead to rising prices EVERYWHERE.

And a financial professional who thinks otherwise should probably find another profession.

Rising oil prices fueled rising inflation through 2022.

It wasn’t until oil prices started to fall that the inflation rate started to fall.

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