Why Americans Are More Bummed Out Than Ever

According to a new Yahoo Finance article…

Americans are more bummed out than ever despite that “things aren’t so bad.”

What they forgot to mention though is the cumulative effect of inflation for the past 2 years.

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It seems like mainstream financial media is hell bent on painting a picture of the economy that doesn’t quite match reality for the average American.

Take one of Yahoo Finance’s latest articles for example…

Which says that “according to the data,” things aren’t so bad.

That’s because inflation is “coming under control and many other things are going right.”

So why are Americans more bummed out than ever? – they ask.

Here’s why.

It’s the cumulative effect of inflation.

The “slowing” of the price increases does not negate the two years of massive price hikes we’ve had.

Meanwhile, wages have not caught up yet (if they ever will).

And let us not forget that the inflated prices are most acute in the things people need the most.

That’s food, shelter, and a means of transportation.

And things like car insurance… health insurance… utilities are also up.

These are all things regular folks MUST spend money on.

That’s the situation a lot of Americans are in.

No wonder half of Americans feel their financial situation is worse than November 2020.

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