Fox News: Big 5G Auction Starts Soon

Fox news reports “ . . . (the) FCC’s new 5G push could mean faster phones, rural broadband and more money for the U.S.”
In fact, Dec. 10 could be a major milestone for the U.S. in launching 5G nationwide in 2020. And rapid expansion of 5G means that . . .
One 5G device could quickly hit $4.9 billion in annual sales. Meanwhile, shares of this little-known stock could multiply surge next year.
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The U.S. government manages wireless access. And it issues licenses for wireless spectrum that allow you and me to connect to networks run by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.
Over the last 25 years, the government has pulled in $116 billion from these spectrum auctions.
The next 5G spectrum auction happens in December. And it could easily surpass the $2 billion that was spent in a May 5G auction.
Plus, Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana is pushing for another 5G auction next year. This would auction off C-band spectrum used by satellite companies. And it’s expected that the proceeds from the 5G auction could total over $8 billion.
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President Trump and the FCC Want America to Dominate 5G
5G promises to increase wireless connections by 100 times. And that means you’ll be able to download a full-length movie to your iPhone within seconds.
It’s a transformative technology that could be worth over $12.3 trillion.
That’s why President Trump – and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – want to assure American leadership.
That’s why Trump is using an executive order to block China from building America’s 5G network.
Additionally, there is a real push to assure that spectrum stays in the hands of American companies. And that may mean blocking foreign companies from the upcoming 5G auctions.
The senator commented, “Our job is not to maximize profits for foreign corporations. Our job is to help our people, and this 5G has national security implications.”
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