Trump Appoints 5G Security Czar

The Wall Street Journal reports that eight U.S. Senators just issued a warning:
5G is a huge national security concern.
And they’re urging President Trump to appoint a 5G security czar.
It’s the latest signal that congressmen and the President Trump will do anything to assure American dominance of new 5G networks.
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The U.S. Senators want to ensure that 5G networks use American-made equipment to protect our data from Beijing and Moscow.
The bipartisan group includes the leaders of the Senate’s Intelligence Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee and the Armed Services Committee.
The Senators signed this letter to the Trump administration urging the adoption of a “coherent national strategy” on 5G deployment and 5G security.
They warn that the United States is already falling behind of 5G development. And this is allowing China to fill the gap and creating security risks around the world.
Chinese telecom giant Huawei is one of the largest suppliers of 5G network equipment. That means this equipment could give the Chinese government a “back door” into U.S. communications. It could be used to spy on regular Americans, conduct corporate espionage and intercept government communications.
The Senators want the government to intervene and require the use of American-made equipment.
Coordinating a national effort of any sort is a complex task.
Without a clear leader, details can get missed or ignored. And that can turn a national effort turns into a patchwork quilt of half measures.
Their suggestion?
Appoint a 5G czar to oversee national deployment efforts and 5G security.
The Senators believe that national security risks could slow down deployment of 5G. And they don’t want that to happen.
The speed and improved reliability of 5G networks is a key asset in responding to a national security crisis.
They also worry that if foreign-made equipment is deployed in 5G networks, foreign governments will have easy access to all the data flowing through them. That would mean anyone, whether it was the government or businesses, would basically just be handing sensitive information to Moscow or Beijing.
They don’t want to allow AT&T or Verizon to implement 5G technologies from Chinese companies. Instead, a 5G czar could essentially steer the telecoms to American-made equipment and ensure the networks are deployed in such a way to reduce the risk of foreign interference.
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