Home Run: Chicago Cubs Partner Pays Out 16% Dividend

Just five days before Christmas, the news alert flashed across my screen:home-run-stock

Tribune Media to Sell Gracenote for $560 Million

On the surface it didn’t mean much . . . until I looked beyond the headline and saw this:
“Tribune Media also announced its intention to declare and pay a special dividend of approximately $500 million during the first quarter of 2017.”
That would equal a huge one-day 15% payout.
Now, the news caught our attention. And that’s why my colleague, Steve Mauzy, quickly added Tribune Media (NYSE: TRCO) to his “Watch List.”
The Tribune name may be familiar, especially for readers in the Midwest.
Having spent my formative years growing up in Wisconsin, I was familiar with The Chicago Tribune newspaper . . . and watching the Chicago Cubs with my dad on the WGN cable news channel (WGN is still the media partner for the Cubs, broadcasting all of the games).
The original company was known simply as the Tribune Company. More recently in 2014, Tribune split into two separate companies.
Tronc (NASDAQ: TRNC) now owns the company’s newspaper assets, including web properties.
Meanwhile, Tribune Media owns 39 television stations, the WGN station and investments in the Food Network and a variety of technology companies.
Anyway, most investors didn’t notice the news. Maybe it was because it was the busy holiday season. More likely is that most folks didn’t really know what this news meant.
Tribune shares were unchanged on the Dec. 20 news release.

Dividend Strategy Identifies Top Picks

Everything changed on Jan. 3 when the new headline announced:

Tribune Media Announces $500 Million Special Dividend

The $5.77 per share dividend would deliver nearly a 16% one-day payout.
Consider the size of this 15.9% dividend versus other media stocks:

  • Disney (NYSE: DIS) pays 0.4% quarterly dividends
  • Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) pays 0.4% quarterly dividends
  • Viacom (NYSE: VIAB) pays a 0.6% quarterly dividends

Think about that for a second: 16% in just one day, or less than 1% every three months.
Steve knew it was crucial to move quickly. He issued an urgent alert.
You see, he’s identified seven factors that tell him when to trade these huge dividend stocks. And he’s going to share everything during this exclusive training event.
Within 57 days, Steve’s No. 1 dividend strategy captured a total return of 15.9% by trading Tribune Media.
Remember, the stock market delivers average annual returns of 8%. So, earning nearly twice the annual return for the overall stock market  ̶  in just two months  ̶  is remarkable.
That translates into annualized gains of 101.8%.

Huge Payouts in Short Order

This may sound unusual. But these huge payouts happen every 17 days or so. And they’re far more common than most people think.
And how big are the payouts?
On average, they clock in at 12.9%.
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The summer happens to be a great time for this income strategy. We’re expecting a big increase in these trades, making now the very best time to get started.
Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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