President Trump: ‘Jeff Sessions, You’re FIRED’

“I don’t have an Attorney General. It’s very sad.”
That’s what President Trump told in a recent interview.
It’s the latest sign that Trump plans to fire Sessions. And that could be great news for these “pot stocks.”
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President Trump HATES Jeff Sessions.
He selected the Alabama senator as his attorney general – largely because Sessions was the first U.S. Senator to support Trump’s bid for the presidency.
But the two have clashed since day 1.
Trump has recently been critical of Sessions’ handling of the Russia investigation . . .  And more recently that criticism has extended to the U.S. / Mexico border issue.
In this interview, Trump said he was “very disappointed” with Sessions. And when asked about firing the attorney general, Trump said he’s “looking at lots of different things.”
Sounds like the star of the Apprentice is getting ready for a big change . . .
It could include firing Attorney General Sessions immediately after the Nov. 6 midterm elections.
This would be great news for “pot stock” investors (click here for details).
Because it’s hard to imagine a new attorney general who would be more critical of the legalization movement and legal cannabis.
Sessions is one of the biggest opponents to legal cannabis.
And Trump would be hard-pressed to find a new attorney general with a more hardline approach to the issue.
Therefore, the removal of Sessions would be a positive for the entire sector.
Don’t expect Trump to move against Sessions until after the midterm elections. However, I’d expect that Sessions will be GONE before we celebrate the New Year on Jan. 1.
Frankly, firing Sessions could spark the next leg of this new pot stock bull market.
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