Your $1,140 Digital Royalty Check

The “Liberty Check” check arrived just two days before the Labor Day weekend…
Totaling $1,040.
Unlike most checks, this one was put directly to my account using automatic deposit.
These Liberty e-Checks are replacing good old paper checks… and you can deposit yours every 22 days.
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So, whose paying these “Liberty Checks”?
This latest payment comes from a company that I call a Digital Royalty Trust.
Over the past 15 years, the company has acquired a library of digital assets. This includes 200 million stock photos and 10 million video clips.
This Digital Royalty Trust gets paid every time a business uses one of those photos or videos. The fee for each use is small… but it’s huge when multiplied several million times.
Here’s the best part…
YOU can grab a share of these royalty payments.
How do I know?
Because back in August, this company mailed out checks totaling $104 million.
Personally, I was able to deposit a check for $1,140. Here’s what showed up directly in my account.
digital royalty check
Digital assets – like photos and videos – are incredibly valuable.
This company expects to pull in $634 million in royalties this year.
Most companies might use that windfall to buy a new Gulfstream G650 for $65 million… pay the executives excessive bonuses… or even build a new corporate headquarters.
But that’s not the case here.
Instead, the company’s board of directors elected to send out these “Liberty Checks.”
How Much Income Do YOU Want?
Here’s the best part.
YOU can decide how much you want to collect.
That’s because these “Liberty Vouchers” entitle you to collect these payments.
The more Liberty Vouchers, the great the payments you’ll collect.
Now, I got started and quickly collected $1,140 just 16 days.
Meanwhile, the company’s CEO collected more than $48 million.
So, depending on how much you have to get started… you could easily collect $1,000 to $10,000 or more in a digital royalty check.
One gentleman – named Stephen – emailed me on May 24 saying…
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