Michael Lewis Reveals 1,923% Profit Secret

Imagine making 1,923% – in a couple of years – WITHOUT owning a single share of stock.one-day dividends
Now, I’m not talking about some risky trading strategy where you’re likely to LOSE 90% of your trades.
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Frankly, this happens every single day.
That’s because Wall Street’s best ideas never make it into YOUR portfolio.
Even if you’ve got one of those fancy financial advisors from Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch… they’ll never let you in on the biggest secrets.
I’ve met with managers at both firms within the last couple of months – and they’re completely clueless.
I just finished reading Michael Lewis’ WSJ Bestseller – The Big Short (for the second time). You’ve probably heard of the book – or watched the movie starring Brad Pitt.
Lewis is an amazing story teller. He can turn baseball statistics or a stock market crash into a gripping page turner and box office hit.
Inside The Big Short, Lewis explains how two novice hedge fund managers made a killing in the market.
Their names are Jack Mai and Charlie Ledley. And they started out with just $110,000 invested in a Charles Schwab brokerage account.
The 30-year-old investors read this famous book by Joel Greenblatt. And they discovered a little-known profit strategy.
It allowed them to “go long” shares of an individual stock – WITHOUT buying a single share. It also let them make money, without lots of market exposure and downside risk.
In fact, this strategy gave them several years to turn a profit.
With their first trade, they invested $26,000. That was nearly one-quarter of their entire portfolio.
It was a big bet. But within a couple years, the investment was worth $526,000 . . . handing them a 1,923% profit.
Here’s the beautiful thing.
Had they simply BOUGHT the stock, their shares would have gained 75%. That’s not bad.
But this means they made 26 times more money by simply making a tiny change with their approach.
For the past two years, I’ve been using a similar strategy. It lets me get long-term exposure to the market – with a very small amount of capital.
Even better, I’ve figured out how to lock-in gains along the way. In fact, every 36 days I’m able to take significant money off the table.
Why do I do this?
I want to get PAID by my investments. Every. Single. Month.
Here at Wyatt Research HQ, the team is calling this “Andy’s Patriot Codes.”
After a ton of testing, these trades are paying out 84% – 108% profits. And I’d like to show you exactly how this works using Patriot Codes.
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