John D. Rockefeller’s ‘Patriot Power 40’

“The Patriot Power 40.”
It’s a group of America’s biggest, most powerful and profitable companies.
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An Oil Empire

John D. Rockefeller made his fortune in the oil business.
In 1870 he founded Standard Oil Co. The company dominated the industry by becoming the first vertically integrated oil company.
His ruthless approach to business put competitors out of business. And it made Rockefeller a fortune.
He was the richest man in the world.
His net worth was $400 billion in 1913. That made him more than four times richer than Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
That vast wealth and the aggressive business tactics eventually forced the government to take action.
In 1911, the Supreme Court ruled that Standard Oil must dissolve and be split into 34 different companies. Pieces of Rockefeller’s empire are now owned many major oil companies including BP and Chevron.
The biggest pieces of the business were split into two companies: Exxon and Mobil. These two companies were then allowed to merge in 1999 to form the current ExxonMobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM).
Today, the company is valued at $342 billion.
Last year, ExxonMobil reported revenues of $239 billion and a net profit of $19.7 billion.

ExxonMobil Stock

Most folks simply BUY ExxonMobil stock  – or stocks like it – and hold it for years. That sounds safe . . .
But look at what can happen to a great company – even over a five-year period:

You’ll notice that ExxonMobil stock is essentially UNCHANGED over the last five years.
If you’d simply bought ExxonMobil stock, your shares haven’t grown in value.
Now, you’ve collected the 4% dividend every year. So, after inflation, you’re earning around 2% per year.
That’s pretty pathetic.
And you know that John D. Rockefeller wouldn’t be satisfied earning 2% per year!
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