Trump Cancels These 5 Retirement Rules

Congress just approved the Secure Act . . .retirement bill
Which is legislation to reform retirement. And the bipartisan retirement bill could have a huge impact on your retirement.
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America faces a retirement crisis. 40% of senior citizens don’t have enough money for retirement.
After years of ignoring the elephant in the room . . .
On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the biggest retirement reform bill in a decade.
The legislation is designed to allow Americans to continue contributing to their retirement later in life. And that makes sense because many people are working well beyond age 65.
The retirement bill makes several major changes including:

  • Repealing the maximum age for IRA contributions
  • Increasing the required minimum distribution age for retirement accounts to 72 (it’s currently at 70 ½)
  • Allowing long-term part-time workers to contribute to a 401(K)
  • Allowing annuities to be offered in a 401(K)
  • Encouraging small businesses to collaborate to offer 401(K) retirement plans at a reduced cost

The retirement bill passed in a landslide 417-to-3 vote. The Senate is expected to pass the bill in the coming weeks. And President Trump will likely sign the legislation into law.
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By offering annuities in a 401(K), Congress hopes to help retired Americans earn steady income. And in many ways, this is similar to a pension plan.
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