Trump Trade War Expands to Mexico

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Starting June 10 . . .
President Trump plans to slap a 5% tariff on Mexico.
Stocks plunged on the latest expansion of the Trump Trade War. And while most companies will suffer . . .
The trade war could spark the biggest-ever commodity super-cycle.
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President Trump has threatened Mexico ever since the presidential campaign. And after failing to get them to pay for the border wall . . . he’s threatening new tariffs.
Here’s the Tweet that sparked everything:
trade war
Mexico is the biggest trading partner – exporting $371.9 billion of goods into the U.S. last year.
Economic experts – including White House advisor Larry Kudlow – say that American consumers will pay for the tariffs.
The total cost? Well, a 5% tariff equals . . .
$17 billion.
Mexico is America’s largest agriculture partner. Folks will feel the tariffs at the grocery store. That’s because Mexico produces fruits, vegetables, processed foods and beer for U.S. markets.
Plus, tariffs will affect the cost of cars, machinery and flat-screen TVs.
Stocks plunged on the news. All the major U.S. markets dropped more than 1% on Friday morning.
The S&P 500 is now trading at 12-week low. And the expanding trade wars with China – and now Mexico – are the No. 1 reason for the market decline.
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