Stock Market News: Early June Bucks Long Term Trends

Remember last year’s “Sell in May” period, when U.S. stocks amazingly defied the seasonal odds to finish up 10% in the traditional six-month selling period?
Some analysts, including yours truly, wondered aloud whether that summer run-up was an aberration. Now last year’s offseason rally is looking rather modest.
In the five weeks since the beginning of May, the S&P 500 is up 3% – ahead of last year’s “Sell in May” pace. The index closed the week at yet another all-time high, and is fast approaching once-unthinkable levels above 2,000. This rally is so powerful that it’s, for the second straight year, bucking long-held trends of the summer being a dead period for the stock market.
Given that backdrop, it’s tempting to think that this rally may never end. It’s equally tempting to assume a massive correction is just around the corner. It all depends on whether you’re a bull or a bear, I suppose.
Really, the best thing you as an investor can do is not guess. That was the premise of our Andy Crowder’s article, “19 Reasons Why Wall Street Analysts Need to Stop Guessing” this week. Time and again, Wall Street pundits have gotten it wrong over the past year, repeatedly declaring a pullback to be imminent. Each time, stocks have risen higher still.
But it would be equally foolish to declare with any certainty that stocks are headed to 2,100, 2,200 or higher. The probabilities aren’t in favor of such a move, as Andy eloquently illustrates.
Here’s what other Wall Street myths – and truths – we’ve uncovered at Wyatt Investment Research in a busy first week of June.
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