Oil Dives, Taking Dividends with It

Another day, another dividend cut. Big Oil has almost always been dependable for dividend investors and energy investors. Normally, a major oil company would slash its spending and sell… Read more

Trump Rejects $3 Trillion Pelosi Stimulus Bill

$3 trillion! That’s the latest stimulus bill from House Democrats. Yet Trump is 100% certain to REJECT the stimulus bill plan. Why? Because the stimulus bill includes $0 for… Read more

Federal Reserve: Spend More to Save America

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says Congress must spend more. Powell explained that the recovery will take longer than expected. And that will require more fiscal stimulus by the… Read more

Tesla Defies California Order

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is re-opening its plant in California today. The move defies an Alameda County order that restricts Tesla from operating the Tesla manufacturing line. Tesla CEO… Read more

Federal Reserve Starts Buying Junk

$750 billion . . . That’s how much the Federal Reserve plans to spend buying up ETFs to support asset prices. It’s the latest aggressive action from the U.S…. Read more

In Pursuit of Fleeting Yields

It’s been tough to find a respectable yield in the stock market for more than a decade now. The S&P 500’s average dividend yield has hovered around 2% since… Read more

2.8 Billion 5G Smartphones Coming Soon

One major telecom just released a new prediction: Some 2.8 billion smartphones with 5G are coming soon. The report reveals that the current cornavirus outbreak is accelerating demand for… Read more

Outbreak at the White House

The White House has two confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus. The press secretary for Vice President Pence tested positive in recent days. And last week, a valet to… Read more

Unemployment Hits Record 14.7%

14.7%. That’s the U.S. unemployment rate at the end of April. It’s the highest unemployment rate since the government began tracking this data in 1948. 20.5 million jobs were… Read more

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