40-Day Income Trades, Great for Small Accounts

Right now, I’m working with Andy to share a super simple income strategy (click for details).
It’s a unique trade for consistently collecting more income every 30 to 45 days.
With average annual payouts of 13.2%, it’s becoming the No. 1  strategy for a small group of traders.
Plus, it’s ideal for investors with small accounts. For example, you don’t have to own 1,000 shares of stock . . .  or even 100 shares.
Let me show you exactly how this works. Go here right now.

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My #1 Income Trading Strategy (even works for small accounts)
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Trust me. My #1 trading strategy is super simple. And I promise that we’ll teach you everything in just 60 minutes.
I’ve invited my dad and mom to attend this live income strategy session. They’ve never been “active traders” or used a strategy like this.
If they can learn it  ̶  I’d bet you can too.
Instant access is right here.
Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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