Berkshire Hathaway Pays Dividend

Frankly, this previously undiscovered strategy could be the holy grail of investing:

Income + Capital Gains

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Berkshire Hathaway Pays a Dividend
You’ll be shocked to hear this: You can collect a dividend from Berkshire Hathaway. Using this little-known investment, you can buy shares and earn income. Plus, you can get shares at a discount to the true market value. Check this out.
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The Real Millionaire’s Income Machine
Income + Capital Gains. It’s the holy grail of investing. Steve Mauzy recently uncovered the best strategy for earning monthly income and ALWAYS buying at a huge discount.
Top 3 Stocks for World War III
What will spark World War III?  North Korea. Syria. Iran. Russia. Or did it already start? These three defense stocks are at the top of my list.
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