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Now, I’m sure you’re heard about covered calls. Maybe you’ve even traded covered calls:
Buy a stock, sell calls against it.
It’s an easy strategy to implement.
But there is one big problem: it costs a lot of money to make these trades.
That’s because you must have at least 100 shares of stock to sell a call. For some people, buying 100 shares just isn’t affordable. Others prefer not to tie up working capital with 100 shares of stock.
But there is an alternative to a covered call strategy. And it’s a good one. In the options world, the strategy is referred to as a Poor Man’s Covered Call.
It’s the perfect strategy for people with smaller accounts. And it’s also outstanding for traders who want to leverage their capital and earn more income.
A poor man’s covered call is similar to a traditional covered call strategy, with one exception in the mechanics. Rather than buying 100 or more shares of stock, you simply buy an in-the-money LEAPS call and sells a near-term out-of-the-money call against it.
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You’ll discover exactly HOW covered calls work . . . and how to trade Poor Man’s Covered Calls. You’ll see how to set up an initial trade, with a real example.
Training #2 | Monday: Managing the Trade to REDUCE RISK
Once you’ve opened a trade, you must know how to MANAGE that trade. This is the #1 problem that folks have. And I’ll show you how to avoid these common money-losing mistakes.
Training #3 | Tuesday: Why Every Income Trader Needs This
These days, this become our FAVORITE income strategy. And the timing is perfect. I’m going to sit down with Ian and have him ask me TOP QUESTIONS from Strike Price members.
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