The Biggest IPO Since Facebook!

Good morning from Portland, Maine! I’m enjoying a long weekend with my family exploring this amazing coastal city.
Don’t worry . . . I’ll be back to our Vermont headquarters in time for next week’s income trading event.
This live training with Andy Crowder is brand new. Specifically, we’re going to reveal the ONLY way that Warren Buffett trades options.
You KNOW that Warren Buffett is always looking for a deal. Using Buffett’s simple strategy, we’ll show you how to save 5% to 9% EVERY time you buy a stock.
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Avoid this HUGE Mistake. Discover the BEST Way to “Buy” Stocks
Most investors tell me that they use “Limit Orders” to get the best price when buying a stock. But that’s a HUGE mistake. Here is WHY.
Collect $489 from the Warren Buffett Income Trade
Warren talks a big game of “buying and holding” stocks. But the fact is that he’s made a KILLING by using this simple income trade . . . time and time again. Access the details here.
Get Ready for Snapchat’s 25% IPO Surge (DID YOU MISS IT?)
My prediction was WRONG! I said SNAP could jump 25%. Instead, it surged 44%. My mistake . . .
Grab 13.1% Dividends . . . EVERY Month!
Huge dividends are very real . . .  they are not risk . . .  and they happen EVERY month. Discover this quick income strategy and start collecting bigger payouts in March. Learn how . . .
The 50-Year Dividend Club
Five decades of dividend increases. Sounds impossible. But these three companies have an amazing record of putting their investors first!
Snap Stock Jumps 44% in IPO
The stock rocketed higher by 44%, blowing past even the most optimistic expectations. The Snap IPO is a big deal for three main reasons . . .
[Q&A] “2017 will be a record year for dividends…”
Steve Mauzy’s income trades are delivering 82% winners. And HUGE yields of 13.1%. Read this just released interview for complete details.
How to Collect a 16.5% Dividend
You probably think I’m completely crazy. Seriously? A 16.5% dividend? Yes, it’s completely true.
You may have missed out on the SNAP IPO this week. But do yourself a favor: don’t miss Warren Buffett’s income trade.
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Hope you have a great weekend!
Ian Wyatt

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