How to Trade the Dogs of the Dow in 2017

The Dogs of the Dow is a strategy that was popularized by Michael Higgins in his book called “Beating the Dow.”
It recommends buying the top ten highest-yielding stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the start of each year. . . and then holding those stocks for one calendar year.
Next week, we’ll present an amazing improvement on the longstanding Dogs of the Dow Strategy. Specifically, our very own Andy Crowder will show you how to multiply your income using a simple trade.
This strategy is ideal for investors who have small accounts and want to boost their income.
Click here to RSVP this is our VERY last live event of 2016.

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Next Tuesday marks our FINAL LIVE investing event of 2016!
We’ve already hosted 34 live events this year. And this final event is going to be among the very best of the entire year.
This live event is focused on a unique trading strategy based on the Dogs of the Dow.
It’s a simple trading strategy   ̶   and it’s perfect for investors with small accounts.
Click here to RSVP   ̶   it’s 100% free to attend.
Good Investing,
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