Separate Yourself From the 97%, Secure Your $1,325 Today

Ignorance is bliss.
Yeah, right. It’s bliss if you’re content to collect six times less income than you could collect.
Collect more high-yield income now.
As is so common, the majority are ignorant – blissfully or otherwise.
Roughly 97% of income investors are ignorant to a hidden market niche populated with investments that systematically generate huge income.
The average S&P 500 stock might pay a dividend to yield a miserly 2%. The investments in this hidden market niche routinely pay income to yield 10% or more.
Would you prefer $200 or $1,000 for the same amount invested?
Or would you prefer more?
Would you prefer $1,325?
That’s six times (actually, more than six times) the income paid by the average S&P 500 stock.
This $1,325 is paid not from an individual stock, but from an investment fund. And not just any run-of-the-mill, hidebound fund, either.
This fund is the brainchild of arguably the best institutional bond investor and the best institutional niche-fund investor.
The fund’s income performance has already exceeded inspections.
Since the fund opened to investors in November 2016, the income distributed stream has trended in one direction – up.
income yield
More income is forthcoming.
The brains behind the fund have devised a novel approach to distribute even more income to its investors going forward.
The fund will pay a distribution rate set to offer a 12.5% annual yield on the net asset value (NAV) of the fund. The yield is set to the average NAV for the final five trading days of the year.
The NAV was $17.60 for the final five trading days for 2018. The annual income distribution was set at $2.20 per share for 2019.
The distribution will be distributed to investors at $0.1833 per share. The distribution generates a generous 13.25% income yield on the market price today.
Even more distributions are likely for 2020 and beyond.
2018 was a down year for the market niche. The niche has rallied to 2019.
This fund has participated in the rally.  Its NAV has levitated to $17.75 to start the year.
Investors are ensured of an income bonanza if the rising trend is maintained through 2019. Investors could easily be ensured a greater income bonanza.
If the fund’s NAV rises to $20 per share for the final five days of 2019, the monthly distribution rises to $0.2083 per share. That’s $2.50 per share in 2020.
That’s a 15% income yield.
If the fund’s NAV rises to $25, the monthly distribution rises to $0.2603 per share. The annual distribution rises $3.125 per share.
That’s an 18.8% income yield.
We’re talking income yields nine times the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
The 97% of investors miss not only this 13.25% income yield, they miss other impressive high-yield opportunities as well.
They also miss the opportunity to generate income on investments typically devoid of income. Imagine owning a gold investment that pays income to generate an 11% income yield.
Imagine buying many of these funds at a 20%-or-more discount to NAV: spend 80 cents, receive a dollar’s worth of assets.
Now, you have the opportunity to join the select, knowledgeable 3% to start collecting income six times or more the market average.

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