How a 76-Year-Old Retiree Crushes the Market Collecting ‘Liberty Checks’

Improbable is the best word to describe it.
Madeline W., a 76-year-old retiree, recently collected “liberty checks” totaling $21,153. She collected the “liberty checks” in two installments: One “liberty check” was for $14,623, the other was for $6,530.
Madeline received her first “liberty check” on Nov. 22, 2017. She received the second “liberty check” on April 20, 2018.
The “liberty checks” were paid by one company — Warrior Met Coal (NYSE: HCC), a metallurgical coal company.
Warrior Met Coal announced that it would issue $600 million in “liberty checks” after it had successfully reorganized its business. Warrior Met Coal would pay $11.21 in “liberty checks” on each “liberty voucher.”
Madeline sprung to action. She purchased 1,300 of Warrior Met Coal’s “liberty vouchers.” She collected $14,623 in “liberty checks.”
Her “liberty checks” generated a whopping 42% yield on her modest investment.
Madeline wasn’t done. She bought an additional 300 Warrior Met Coal “liberty vouchers” after receiving her liberty checks.
She sold all 1,600 Warrior Met Coal “liberty vouchers” at a $1,519 profit.
Madeline generated over $16,000 in total income in less than six months.
History doesn’t repeat, but it frequently rhymes, to paraphrase a Mark Twain quote. History rhymed this past April.
Warrior Met Coal announced that it would pay another round of “liberty checks” — $350 million in total. Warrior Met Coal would pay a $6.53 liberty check payment for each “liberty voucher” owned.
Madeline sprung to action again.
She bought 1,000 Warrior Met Coal “liberty vouchers.” She received $6,530 in “liberty checks” on April 20. The $6,530 generated a 25.7% yield on her investment (again, modest).
Madeline bought another 500 Warrior Met Coal “liberty vouchers” after receiving her “liberty checks.” She sold her 1,500 “liberty vouchers” at a $4,890 profit.
Madeline collected “$6,530 in “liberty checks.” She earned an additional $4,890 when she sold her “liberty vouchers.”
Madeline made $11,420 in only 28 days.
The final tally is indeed staggering. Madeline made $27,562 investing in Warrior Met Coal “liberty vouchers.” She made that amount in six months.
Now, to address the obvious: How do I exploit the opportunity like Madeline?
It’s easy enough. Anyone can buy a “liberty voucher,” anyone can collect a liberty check payment. They are available to all investors.
I will show you how to buy “liberty vouchers” and collect “liberty checks” at a live webinar I will co-host on Oct. 10 (this upcoming Wednesday) at 12 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT).
I’ll show you more.
I’ll show you how to collect income 10X the average dividend payment with a liberty check payment. I’ll also show you how to trade “liberty vouchers” for additional profit.
Experience is on our side.
I’ve recommended 39 company-issued “liberty vouchers” over the past two years. The “liberty checks” issued on these “liberty vouchers” have generated yields ranging from 4% to 41.2%. The average yield has been 12.5%.
What’s more, the “liberty vouchers” of the companies I’ve recommended have generated total returns as high as 51.1%. I’m not talking years. I’m talking months.
In some cases, I’m talking weeks, as Madeline’s recent success proves.
The opportunity awaits to collect the next high-yield liberty check payment. You have the opportunity to trade “liberty vouchers” for additional profit.
Simply register to attend the free, live webinar. Don’t procrastinate. Space is limited. Click here to reserve your spot for this special event.

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