China Steals ‘Liberty Checks’ from America

Economic tensions between China and the U.S. reached new heights . . .
When one Chinese company announced a huge $13,250 “liberty check.”
Now, U.S. companies have been issuing record numbers of “liberty checks” in 2018 . . .
Thanks to President Trump’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.
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So, I was a little surprised to see a Chinese company jump on the bandwagon.
A little digging turned up an unusual – and very risky situation.
You see, this company plans to issue “liberty checks” of $13,250.
That news sent the stock price surging 57% on the New York Stock Exchange – in just eight days!
But behind the headline . . . we quickly realized the truth (click here).
Unlike many American companies that issue liberty checks from a point of strength, this Chinese company is making this payment from a position of weakness.
In fact, the company is actually going out of business.
So, this is more of a business liquidation than anything else. The company is actually selling off all its operations and returning cash to shareholders.
Many folks will unknowingly BUY the stock because they want the big “liberty check” . . . only to find their entire investment wiped out.
That’s right – they’ll end up losing everything when the company closes up shop.
In many ways, we should be calling this a “Communist check” instead of a “liberty check.”
You see, not all liberty checks are created equal.
Buyers must beware. Not all products are created equal.
For example, when a Chinese company called Oukitel ripped off the iPhone X and sold it for $159 . . .
Or a Chinese carmaker that launched a ripoff of the Tesla Model S – called the Youxia X – and sold it for 50% less . . .
China has a long history of stealing America’s best products and most innovative ideas.
So, we shouldn’t be surprised to see Chinese companies issuing liberty checks.
Liberty checks can deliver huge payouts. In fact, I recently collected $6,528 in a single day!
But you’ve got to be careful.
Because if a company has the wrong motives . . . or lacks the financial integrity . . . you can quickly lose a ton of money.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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