10X More Income With ‘Liberty Vouchers’

Janus Henderson reports that global dividends rose 12.9% in the second quarter. Corporations around the world paid $497.4 billion in dividends, a record high.liberty vouchers
The second-quarter surge in dividends has motivated Janus Henderson to up its dividend forecast for 2018. Janus Henderson expects global dividend payments to grow 7.4% year over year. Global dividends were a record $1.25 trillion in 2017. The record is certain to fall in 2018.
Most of the forthcoming dividends will be paid to yield 2% to 4% on investment. That’s not bad. The dividend yield on the S&P 500 dropped to 1.8% after the S&P 500 hit a new high yesterday.
But you can do better . . . a lot better.
Buy the right “liberty vouchers” and claim “liberty checks” that offer income up 10X (and more) the dividend yield offered by the S&P 500. I have examples aplenty to offer.
A small-cap, family-run clothing retailer issued “liberty checks” totaling $97.3 billion this past December. Investors claimed $2 in “liberty checks” for each “liberty voucher” owned. Investors were able to lock in a 9.3% yield on their “liberty voucher” investment.
Investors who bought the “liberty vouchers” of an alternative fuel company did even better. They were able to claim a “liberty check” that generated a 15.9% on their investment.
A metallurgical coal company issued “liberty checks” in April. Investors who owned its “liberty vouchers” were able to lock in a 22.8% income yield.
It gets better.
A government technology contractor issued “liberty checks” of $13.64 per “liberty voucher.” Investors were able to lock in a 28.6% yield on their investment.
We’re talking big income and big yield on investment. We’re also talking about a profitable trading opportunity.
The investors who owned these “liberty vouchers” were able to sell them for additional profit. They received a high yield when they bought the “liberty vouchers.” They also  realized a capital gain when they sold their “liberty vouchers.”
Owners of the clothing retailers were able to sell their “liberty vouchers” for a 3.7% gain two months after they purchased them. The alternative-fuel company’s “liberty checks” were sold for a 9.6% gain.
The metallurgical-coal company’s “liberty vouchers” were sold for 5.6% return. As with the clothing retailer’s liberty vouchers, they were sold only  two months after they were purchased.
More high-yield “liberty checks” and “liberty voucher” trading opportunities are sure to come. Global corporations are awash in cash. U.S. corporations are swamped with it. Many will drain the excess by delivering “liberty checks” to “liberty voucher” holders.
One already has.
A digital-media corporation paid “liberty checks” to its “liberty voucher” holders earlier this month. The “liberty checks” generated a 6.2% yield on investment. The yield is good, but we expect to generate an additional 8.8% return when we sell its liberty vouchers at a profit in the next month or two.
You surely appreciate the opportunity to profit with “liberty vouchers.” Now is the time to exploit the opportunity.
Learn how to collect income 10X the average dividend payment with “liberty checks.” Learn how to earn additional return trading liberty vouchers for a profit.
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