Will Canada Legalize Marijuana in April?

For the last six months, I’ve been researching the BEST way to invest in the marijuana sector.marijuana
Frankly, it’s taken me a LONG time to find a situation that provides solid growth, without all the hype. You know that there has been a frenzy to invest in marijuana stocks and the marijuana sector . . . and share prices have been moving higher.
I’ve been unwilling to jump on the bandwagon . . . until now . . . and only with a special situation.
That’s because in the marijuana sector I’ve uncovered an attractive marijuana situation that is STILL PRIVATE. And it’s preparing to go public in April.
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Unlike the U.S., where marijuana laws vary state-by-state, the Canadian national government is taking the lead.
Medical marijuana is completely legal in Canada. And our neighbor to the north is likely to become first G7 nation to completely legalize the use of marijuana.
There is widespread speculation that the government may announce plans to legalize weed for recreational use next month.
That could be the next catalyst for the booming Canadian marijuana market and marijuana sector.
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