Nevada State: Weed Bigger Than Booze

Legal weed is booming in Nevada!
First-year sales clocked in at $530 million – 60% higher than the state’s projections.
Cannabis North America’s biggest growth market – and it’s sparking a wave of buyouts and investments from Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and the makers of Corona Beer, Guinness and Jonnie Walker.
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In July 2017, Nevada rolled out recreational sales of cannabis. And now legal weed is off to a roaring start.
In fact, Nevada’s debut of recreational cannabis surpassed all other states.
Colorado rolled out recreational cannabis in 2014 with $303 million in sales. Meanwhile, Washington state sales were $259 million in the first year.
Now, Nevada is thrilled with the results.
Because cannabis now generates more revenue for Nevada state than alcohol!
Nevada brought in nearly $70 million in tax revenue from cannabis. That compares with $49 million in tax revenue from alcohol.
Right now, it’s illegal to use cannabis in public places like casinos. But at least one State Senator is working to change that.
State Senator Tick Segerblom says, “You can’t encourage people to come to Nevada to buy marijuana, but tell them they can’t use it or take it home.  I think the hypocrisy is killing us.”
This booming market is attracting Fortune 500 companies… and I’m expecting several major news announcements in the coming weeks.
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Expanding Market: Get Ready for 6 New States on Nov. 6
The market for legal weed is expanding at a rapid clip.
Already, Vermont and Oklahoma have passed legalization measures earlier this year.
Plus, voters in at least four additional states will be voting on legalization measures during the Nov. 6 midterm elections.
Those states include Missouri, Michigan, North Dakota and Utah.
This expanding market for legal weed is sending pot stocks surging.
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