Claim Your Share of $2.99 Million in ‘Liberty Checks’ on Oct. 1

A tiny electronics company declared $2.99 million in “liberty checks” for its “liberty voucher” owners after the market close on Sept 12. It will distribute the “liberty checks” on Oct. 1.
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Compared to a dividend payment from an Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) or a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), $2.99 million is a pittance. Compared to a company with a $60-million market cap, which this company sports, it’s a bonanza for owners of its “liberty vouchers.”
When the total is distributed among individual “liberty voucher” holders, we find that the payments are worth highlighting.
For instance, David O. received a $12,500 “liberty check.” Paul C. received considerably more. He received a “liberty check” worth $25,548.
Many “liberty voucher” holders, which numbers in the thousands, received “liberty checks” ranging between $1,000 and $2,000.
The opportunity to claim a share of the “liberty check” payout was no velvet-rope affair. The opportunity was open to the investing public.
For the overwhelming majority, though, the opportunity came and went unnoticed. That is because most financial websites failed to report on the payout.
To exploit an opportunity, you must first know it exists. We knew the tiny electronic company would distribute a large “liberty check” payout.  We knew because we continually monitor the market for “liberty check” payments. When the right opportunity arises, we exploit it.
We thought the opportunity to claim a share of the “liberty checks” paid by the tiny electronics company was the right opportunity. It was worth exploiting because the company’s “liberty vouchers” were worth owning.
This tiny company develops, designs, and produces specialized military and industrial power supplies/transformers. It’s small but established. It has been plying its trade since 1928. It has been a publicly traded company on the NYSE for 26 years.
In addition to paying liberty checks, it pays a regular dividend. You could properly call it an income machine. The regular dividend has been continually increased over the years. The regular dividend has never been decreased.
The company’s dividend payments have been supplemented by higher-yield “liberty check” payments.
The future is what matters. If the recent past serves as a beacon, this company’s future is bright.
Growth this year has been nothing less than spectacular. It reported revenue of $32.5 million for the fiscal year ended on June 30. That’s a 44% increase compared to revenue reported last year.
Net earnings soared to $3.1 million. Earnings per share (EPS) soared to $1.31. We’re talking a tripling of net earnings and EPS over the past year.
Revenue and earnings should maintain their growth trajectories. The company reported order backlog of $48.1 million at the end of the latest fiscal year compared to $43.1 million the previous fiscal year. That’s an 11.6% increase.
Management anticipates another successful year – characterized by continued revenue and earnings growth.
The company’s integrity and outlook matter. The right “liberty check” companies – those with the requisite integrity and outlook – not only enable us to buy their “liberty vouchers” to collect immediate high-yield income, they enable us to trade the “liberty vouchers” for additional profit.
We know from experience. We’ve recommended 38 company-issued “liberty vouchers” over the past two years. The income yields generated from our recommendations have ranged from 4% to 41.2%. The average yield is 12.4%.
We have also recommended trading the “liberty vouchers” to generate total returns as high as 51.1%. We’re not talking years. We’re talking months, if not weeks.
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