“Buyout King” Reports 223% Sales Growth

One company is the “king of buyouts” in the legal cannabis sector.
Aurora Cannabis (OTC BB: ACBFF).
The company’s twelve  acquisitions in just two years makes Aurora the sectors biggest dealmaker.
Right now, the marijuana buyout boom is sending these stocks surging.
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Until recently, Aurora Cannabis had been lagging in the sector…
On September 14th I wrote this to Marijuana Stock Trader readers:

  • “Aurora Cannabis shares are attractive at just over $6 per share in the U.S. market. That’s why I plan to buy more shares of this stock at these levels.”

Today, the stock is trading at $10… for a 67% profit in eleven days!

Aurora Cannabis shares are up another 5% on a great earnings report.
I’ll share the highlights in a second… But here’s the most important thing.
This shows that Aurora’s buyout strategy is working – and creating considerable shareholder value.
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Here are the highlights from the latest quarter:

  • $19.1 million in sales – 223% sales growth
  • 43,308 medical marijuana patients – a 164% increase
  • 7 facilities with production licenses, and 5 locations with sales licenses
  • 150,000 kg production capacity by end of 2018

Aurora Cannabis is a major player in Canada – and the company plans to become a global player.
With fourteen hundred employees and $55 million in revenues during the last twelve months, this is a sizable operation.
The company plans to list shares on a senior U.S. stock exchange. Today, shares of the $9 billion company primarily trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stocks also trade in the U.S. on the OTC.
Listing the stock on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ would be huge. It would bring much more credibility to Canada’s third largest pot stock.
By the end of 2018, Aurora expects annual cannabis production capacity to reach 150,000 kg. Let’s estimate that the sale price is C$8.00 / gram.
That could generate C$1.2 billion in annual sales!
That’s a 2,218% increase from the $55 million in sales during the last twelve months.
And frankly… that’s just the start.
Because within a couple years, Aurora Cannabis expects to scale up to 500,000 kg of annual production.
Just to put this in comparison…
Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) is estimated to have production capacity of 50,000 – 80,000 kg by the end of 2018. And the company is valued at $10 billion.
Aurora Cannabis has twice the production capacity… Yet the company trades at a 10% discount to Tilray.
The marijuana boom is happening now.
And a select group of publicly traded cannabis stocks are likely to get “bought out.”
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Full Disclosure: Ian Wyatt owns shares of Aurora Cannabis.

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