Is Your Pension Enough?

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Retirement can be hard.
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I walked into the Walmart (NYSE: WMT) down the street from me a couple of days ago and started looking in the produce section. I was after collard greens (I am Southern) and couldn’t find them on the shelves.
I looked around for an associate to ask if they had any and FINALLY found one. As we were talking, I kept thinking the older gentleman looked familiar.
Then it hit me.
He was my chemistry teacher in high school.
Valent and covalent bonds, how oxygen bonds to hydrogen, electrons looking for bonds. It was all Greek to me, and I hated it.
But my teacher got me through it (with a B-) and I loved him for it. I know a lot of my former classmates felt the same way. If anyone deserved a comfortable retirement, he did.
Yet, here he was, working at Walmart.
He and I talked for a few minutes, catching up on old times and about where we were now in life.
He told me that he’d retired a few years after I had graduated. He and his wife and enjoyed several years traveling and enjoying their free time, then the money had run out.
His pension just wasn’t quite enough, and his own portfolio just wasn’t keeping up with expenses.
I told him what I do for a living now (he was a bit surprised) and asked about his portfolio.
Income blue chips, nothing but income blue chips. It would have been a great portfolio 20 years ago, but it just couldn’t throw off enough income now to keep up with his living expenses today.
The saddest part about the whole situation? His wife was my English teacher the year before (I come from and still live in a small town).
After 30+ years as educators, they both had to go back to work after less than a decade in retirement.
So, I told him about Liberty Vouchers.
About how he (and his wife) could claim checks for $1,173 every 20 days.
I didn’t want to pry about how much he was making, but I asked him if that would replace his current part-time income.
He said it would.
I gave him my info, told him he just had to sign up for a free webinar on Thursday, gave him the details and told him he’d hear all about how he (and his wife) could lock in their Liberty Vouchers.
I didn’t really expect to hear anything else from him after that.
He called me yesterday to make sure he was signed up.
Make sure you sign up, too.
Here’s to Profits,
Ben Shepherd

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