Dividends in Danger from Looming Recession

Most investors depend on dividends for income. But the markets – and dividendscompanies – are fickle.
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September has been a solid month for dividend increases. From the financial services company American Express (AXP) to fast food chain McDonald’s (MCD), roughly a dozen companies have announced increased payouts.
That’s great news for investors, especially since they tend to be of the buy-and-hold variety. When folks depend on their portfolios for income, they tend to buy a stock that has a strong history of paying growing dividends. Then they hang onto the stock until it goes wrong or a better opportunity comes along.
Well, something could be going wrong, very soon.
And a better opportunity has come along.
What could go wrong?
The most recent National Association for Business Economics survey, a monthly poll of economists, showed that three out of four of them expect a recession by 2021. A decent chunk of them expect it sooner than that.
Bank of America analysts also recently issued a report showing a better than 30% chance of a recession within the next 12 months.
A growing number of pundits, like DoubleLine Capital CEO and longtime bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach, are also predicting a recession before next year’s presidential election. In Gundlach’s case, he pays the most attention to consumer sentiment. And while consumers feel OK about the present, they’re increasing pessimistic about the future. That typically occurs before recessions.
That’s what could go wrong.
The better opportunity?
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The best part?
Since you’re not using a buy-and-hold strategy to create the income, the value of your Liberty Checks won’t potentially nosedive because of a recession. And you don’t have to worry about the gyrating value of the stock market.
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