President Trump: ‘Jeff Sessions, You’re FIRED’

At 2:40pm yesterday, the news broke:

President Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Cable news anchors immediately started speculating on what this meant for the Muller investigation. And that news story blocked out the real profit opportunity.
Because firing Jeff Sessions is a huge WIN for legal marijuana. And it’s sending these pot stocks surging.
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Just check out the chart for the Horizons Marijuana ETF (TSE: HMMH). You’ll notice that it surged in the final 90 minutes of trading, after this news was released.
pot stock investors
Frankly, I’m not surprised.
On Oct. 3 I told my readers in this email newsletter:
“Sounds like the star of the Apprentice is getting ready for a big change . . . It could include firing Attorney General Sessions immediately after the Nov. 6 midterm elections.
This would be great news for “pot stock” investors (click here for details). Why?
Because it’s hard to imagine a new attorney general who would be more critical of the legalization movement and legal cannabis.
Sessions is one of the biggest opponents to legal cannabis. And Trump would be hard-pressed to find a new attorney general with a more hardline approach to the issue.
Don’t expect Trump to move against Sessions until after the midterm elections. However, I’d expect that Sessions will be GONE before we celebrate the New Year on Jan. 1.
Frankly, firing Sessions could spark the next leg of this new pot stock bull market.”
That’s exactly what’s happening right now.
Jeff Sessions technically “resigned” – under direct pressure from President Trump.
Now, I’d figured Trump would wait a few weeks before showing Jeff Sessions the door… But apparently the President doesn’t want to waste any time in removing his lame duck Attorney General.
Sessions is a huge critic of the legalization movement. In fact, he’s taken an even more firm stand on the issue than President Trump.
I’m not expecting the President to appoint a pro-cannabis Attorney General. But just about any appointee will be less critical than Sessions.
Therefore, this is a WIN for cannabis investors.
The next bull market is starting right. And it’s your turn to earn bigger profits from the best pot stocks.
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