When Retirement Income Falls Short, ‘Liberty Checks’ to the Rescue

The odds are that you’re woefully unprepared.high-yield liberty checks
When your golden years arise, the income to enjoy those years won’t. You’ll have the time, but you’ll lack the money.
Too many people have faith that Social Security will provide a comfortable retirement. It just ain’t so.
The average monthly Social Security check is only $1,180, and there’s a catch. You’ll collect a $1,180 monthly check only if you postpone applying for Social Security until age 68.
Want to apply earlier? Then expect to receive considerably less than $1,180. If you apply at age 62, you’ll collect $750 a month. If you wait until age 65, an anchor retirement age for many, you’ll collect $933.
Members of the younger generations will surely collect less. The averages and monthly amounts I present are based on past payments. Given the rickety state of Social Security today, everyone should expect the dates to be pushed further into old age . . . the amounts paid at each age to drop.
The investment income from my 401(K) and IRA will fill the void, you counter.
It might . . . or it might not.
Surveys we’ve conducted suggest that the majority of individual investment portfolios generate woefully inadequate income.
Income of $500-or-less is the most recurring response we receive. Portfolio yields of 5% or less is a close second. And these are based on annual amounts.
To be sure, our surveys cross the demographic spectrum – rich and poor, young and old –  but the numbers all point to too many investment portfolios generating too little income.
Help is on the way.
We offer a remedy to the income dearth – “liberty checks.” These are checks paid to owners of a company’s “liberty vouchers.”
Income and yield are the immediate draws.
Typical investors receive high-yield liberty checks of $1,287 on their liberty vouchers.
They receive their liberty checks not every month, but every 22 days on average.
And forget income yields of 3%, 4%, or 5%. We’re talking income yields that can exceed 41%.
We’re talking an income yield of 12.8% on average.
The good news is that liberty vouchers are no velvet-rope investment available only to the wealthy. All are welcomed.
Anybody can buy a liberty voucher, anyone can collect a high-yield, high-income liberty check.
The better news is that you can get in on the action now. You have the opportunity to collect four high-yield liberty checks in the coming week.
I will show you how to collect your liberty checks at a free, live webinar I will co-host tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 8, at 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT). 
I have already shown investors how to collect 44 company-issued liberty vouchers since June 2016. The average income yield on these liberty vouchers has been 7X the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
I have also shown them more. I’ll show you more tomorrow.
I’ll show you how to trade the company-issued liberty vouchers for additional profit.
The liberty vouchers of the companies I’ve recommended have generated total returns as high as 51%. I’m not talking years. I’m talking months, if not weeks.
It’s all for the immediate taking.
You have the opportunity to collect four high-yield liberty checks. You have the opportunity to trade the company-issued liberty vouchers for additional profit.
Lack of investment income is the problem. We offer the solution.
Click here to reserve your spot for this special free event.
Don’t delay. Space is limited. The opportunity to collect the next high-yield liberty check expires soon.

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