#1 California Cannabis Company Goes Public

One of northern California’s largest pot stocks just went public . . .
Valuing the cannabis dispensary at over $350 million.
One American CBD firm is getting ready to IPO . . . and you can secure Pre-IPO shares for just $1.25.
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Founded in 2006, Harborside was one of the first six medical marijuana dispensaries in the U.S. And the company was the first of the American cannabis companes to legally sell cannabis in California.
Today, the Harborside serves 300,000 medical patients. It commands a 3% market share in the lucrative California market.
Over the years, the company has generated total sales of over $400 million.
Yesterday the stock began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the ticker symbol “HBOR.”
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Harborside is the 66th American cannabis company to trade on the CSE.
There are 160 cannabis companies currently trading on the exchange. In fact, so many pot stocks are trade on the CSE that it’s been fondly called the “Cannabis Stock Exchange.”
American cannabis companies are NOT allowed to trade on the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange.
So, these American cannabis companies are going to Canada to go public and raise capital.
Last year, these American cannabis companies raised $2.2 billion from investors. And this year, companies have already raised $700 million.
Cannabis is a booming business. And that means companies need growth capital to build dispensaries, expand grow operations, or develop brands and product lines.
It’s difficult for private companies to raise significant amounts of capital – unless there’s a plan to go public.
That’s why this growing CBD company plans to go public within a few months (click here to become an early investor).
Now, the IPO price is expected to be +$7. Today, you can secure Pre-IPO shares for just $1.25.
That means you could earn a quick 460% profit when this stock launches its IPO.
This CBD company currently makes 31 products. And they’re sold in 3,400 retailers including Amazon and The Vitamin Shoppe.
Sales are expected to reach $12 million this year . . . before surging to $60 million next year! That’s a 400% increase!
Here’s the best part . . .
Three cannabis insiders just invested $5.5 million in this CBD company. And now you can join them.
They have an amazing track record in the cannabis sector – building companies that are valued at over $3 billion!
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