Analyst Projects 89% Upside With This Pot Stock

One respected Canadian cannabis analyst just released a new research report… with a $7 price target!
That’s 89% upside from yesterday’s share price of $3.70.
Here’s the shocking thing…
Last year you could’ve bought this Pre-IPO for just $1.65. Plus, you would have a chance to get FREE bonus shares.
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The company is called The Green Organic Dutchman (TSE: TGOD).
The company’s become a major player – valued at over $1 billion when it went public in May. Now, the company went public at $3.65 Canadian.  But just six months prior…
A small group of investors had a chance to shares before this pot stock IPO.  In fact, I was lucky enough to personally invest $10,000 in this deal.
So, how exactly does this work?
You’re familiar with an Initial Public Offering – also known as an IPO.
That’s when a company goes public and issues shares to new investors.
Now, IPO investing can be very profitable.
Looking for a case study? Just look at Tilray. In this pot stock IPO, the company offered shares at $17. And a couple months after the pot stock IPO, the stock was at $300!
pot stock IPO
But you know what’s even more profitable?
Buying Pre-IPO shares.
That’s exactly what Peter Thiel did with Tilray. He’s the billionaire founder of PayPal – and early investor in Facebook (NYSE: FB).
Because a few months earlier . . . Tilray sold Pre-IPO stock for just $8.90 / share.
Now, folks like us usually don’t have a shot at Pre-IPO shares.
Until now…
Because one of my old friends from Toronto just brought a new Pre-IPO to my attention.
It’s a Canadian cannabis company that’s 100% government approved. And it is planning to go public in December.
Before the company goes public – it will be closing a Pre-IPO financing. And it’s your chance to pick up shares for just $0.55 – a few weeks before the pot stock IPO.
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