IPOs Party Like It’s 1999

The IPO party is starting right now . . .

And this could be the biggest year since the dot-com boom.

The average IPO is jumping 52% – handing early investors huge profits.

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One new biotech stock is expected to launch its IPO within 90 days. This stock could jump 454% once it is trading. And you can grab shares today – before it goes public.

2020 is shaping up to be among the biggest years.

A grand total of 111 private companies have delivered 2020 IPOs. And together they’ve raised $37.8 billion.

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2020 IPOs

Plus, the pipeline for 2020 IPOs is robust.

112 companies have already filed to go public. These stocks plan to raise $20.5 billion in a market debut (click here to discover how to grab your Pre-IPO shares).

Another 485 privately held companies are worth over $1 billion. And the insiders and venture capitalists could push these companies to serve up IPOs this year.

Will 2020 IPOs rival the dot-com boom of 1999 – 2000?

Back in 1999 a total of 480 U.S. companies filed for IPOs. Another 339 followed by going public in 2000.

The new class of 2020 IPOs may come up short from the booming 1990s. Yet it’s certainly going to be the biggest year since 2014 – when 275 companies went public.

Frankly, that level could be surpassed. It really just depends on how many private +$1 billion companies decide to go public before January.

Here’s the deal . . .

Most investors WAIT for a stock to start trading on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

They then see the stock “pop” 50% or 100% in the first day of trading. They become discouraged – because they couldn’t get IPO shares. And so, they continue to sit on the sidelines.

Yet these recent 2020 IPOs continue rising, leaving regular investors out on the biggest gains.

That’s why I’m focused on BUYING shares of these upcoming IPOs – right before they start trading.

I’ve realized that the big investment banks – Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse – will NEVER let regular folks like us invest.

So, instead of trying to beat them at their own game . . .

I recently discovered an IPO back door that lets ANY investors grab private shares – before these stocks start trading.

It’s something that I call the Billionaire’s Pre-IPO Secret.

That’s because billionaires in Silicon Valley, Seattle and even NYC are using this secret to invest millions in private stocks – right before they go public with IPOs.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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