The REAL Reason Zoom Jumps 41% in 1 Day

Shares of Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) shot up 41% yesterday!


That one-day move added $37 billion to the company’s market value.

Zoom shares are now up 1,171% since going public. And it’s the Zoom IPO and Pre-IPO investors who are scoring really huge gains.

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Why did Zoom surge yesterday?

Zoom, a video teleconferencing company, reported a blowout quarter of financial results.

  • Revenues surged 355% to reach $663 million
  • EPS came in at 92 cents – more than double Wall Street’s estimate
  • 458% increase in clients with 10+ employees

Investors cheered those results – and the company’s bright outlook for the full year.

Zoom now expects revenues of over $2.3 billion. The new guidance far exceeds analyst estimates by nearly 30%.

The company is benefitting from companies moving operations remote during the pandemic. It’s been one of the best plays on the “work from home” movement. And it’s likely to continue even after the current crisis ends.

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Folks who bought Zoom shares anytime this year are smiling.

Yet it’s the early investors who are seeing life-changing gains.

Last year Zoom launched its IPO with a price of $36.

Regular investors never had a shot at buying those IPO shares. That’s because Wall Street’s investment banks ONLY allow clients with +$10 million accounts to buy IPO shares.

Shares OPENED for trading at $65.

Today, the IPO investors are looking at gains of 1,171%. $5,000 of IPO shares grew into $63,568. That’s impressive – until you consider . . .

Early Pre-IPO investors were able to turn $5,000 into $697,698. That’s because the Pre-IPO price was just $3.28 per share!

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3 Stocks to Watch

Maybe you missed out on the big move for Zoom (click here for the next big Pre-IPO).

So, let me share three  stocks that are benefitting from the move toward cloud computing. These stocks have similarities to Zoom – and are expected to report earnings in the coming days.

Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) provides a cloud solution that allows businesses to manage their expenses and spending. The company is profitable and expected to grow sales by 26% this year. The company reports earnings on Sept. 8. Shares are up over 262% in 2020 – yet they could pop on a good earnings report

Slack (NYSE: WORK) provides online messaging services for businesses. The recent IPO expects sales to jump 38% this year. Shares could get a boost after the Sept. 8 earnings report. The stock has posted modest gains compared with other online workplace collaboration stocks.

Zuora (NYSE: ZUO) provides management and billing services  to companies that offer subscriptions. Shares are posting small gains in 2020. Today’s earnings report after the close could send the stock higher.

These stocks could jump following earnings – just like Zoom. And that’s why I’m personally buying these stocks.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

Full Disclosure: Ian Wyatt owns shares of Coupa Software, Slack and Zuora.

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