#1 Tech for 2020: 5G Is the New Electricity

China’s biggest telecom is completely banned from the U.S.

That means it won’t be installing these new 5G devices across America.

Instead, an undiscovered $5 stock stands to surge 286%.

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Guo Ping is the chairman of the world’s biggest telecom. The company is called Huawei – and it has a 29% market share in the telecom equipment business.

You’ve probably heard the news regarding President Trump’s executive order to block Huawei from supplying 5G wireless technologies for the U.S.

Australia and Japan have already blocked Huawei from supplying 5G equipment. And Germany is now considering a similar action based upon security concerns.

That’s bad news for Huawei. However, it’s going to create surging demand for these 5G devices. And a handful of American 5G stocks could surge as a result (go here for my top 5G stocks for 2020). 

Ping was recently in Lisbon, Portugal for a conference. And he shared a very bullish outlook for new 5G technologies…

He describes 5G as the new electricity when it’s combined with new technologies such as artificial intelligence:

“5G plus ‘x’ will create a smart new era. This ‘x’ can be AI, big data or VR/AR, among other technologies. As you all know, 5G deployment has just begun. AI’s applications for a range of industries are still in their infancy. I believe that in the future, 5G plus ‘x’ will create countless possibilities for entrepreneurs.”

The 5G market is worth trillions of dollars, according to Huawei. And  the biggest 5G winners would be the companies building these devices, applications and software.

5G: 3 Phases for Explosive Profits

Right now is the best time to invest in 5G.

Why? Because this growth market is going take off in three distinct phases. And it’s just getting started. 

Once you understand each phase – you’ll be prepared to profit.

  • Phase 1: Beta Rollout in Fewer Than 100 Cities. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are rolling out in just 100 cities. This is happening right now and means 5G access is starting to show up in select markets. It also shows that we’re in the early stages of this infrastructure buildout.
  • Phase 2: Nationwide Expansion to 50 States. This will start in 2020 – and be a two-year process with over $100 billion spent on infrastructure upgrades. T-Mobile just opened up its first version of 5G in over 5,000 cities. And the other providers will quickly expand in early 2020.
  • Phase 3: 5G Mass Adoption. This begins in September 2020 with the release of the new 5G iPhones. Next year’s holiday season will see 5G devices flying off the shelves – and mass adoption will continue during a two-year period as people upgrade their phones and wi-fi equipment.

This means the 5G profit situation will unfold over the next 3+ years. And it creates the chance for once-in-a-lifetime profits for early investors.

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Yours in Profits,

Ian Wyatt

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