Trump’s FCC Votes on 5G Upgrade Plan

5G wireless

The Federal Communications Commission is preparing for nationwide 5G.

And that means a brand-new “5G Upgrade Plan” that will be revealed in June.

It’s the next major move from Washington to assure America’s tech leadership.

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President Trump insists that America must be a world leader in 5G wireless.

That’s why he BANNED China from supplying 5G wireless hardware for U.S. networks. Plus, he just signed two laws to secure our communication networks from spying and cyber warfare.

Now the FCC is getting ready to vote on a 5G Upgrade Plan.

Right now, individual cities have been able to hold up the deployment of 5G wireless. That’s because they can use their local control and permitting to block or slow down deployment.

These moves can slow down the deployment of wireless by carriers including AT&T (NYSE: T), T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ).

These companies and others are spending over $100 billion to build out 5G wireless. And many carriers aim to provide nationwide access in major markets before 2021.

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President Trump HATES regulations and red tape.

That’s why he’s pushing the FCC to act and clear the way for upgrades.

The FCC’s goal is to make it easier and faster to upgrade existing 3G and 4G wireless towers to 5G wireless. Upgrading existing sites can accelerate the pace of deployment.

Part of the plan includes:

  • Requiring decisions on equipment installation within 60 days
  • Clarifying what equipment can be installed on an existing structure
  • Rules that cities can use related to concealing equipment

This is the latest sign that 5G is going live.

The Trump administration views 5G as a huge growth opportunity.

New growth sectors will be critical to help the U.S. rebuild after the economic crisis. The buildout will require thousands of new jobs as this new technology rolls out.

The bottom line is that 2020 is the year 5G becomes a reality.

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Don’t wait for 5G to be live nationwide.

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