Altcoin Jumps 289% in 3 Days (TICKER)

One new crypto is taking off…

Soaring 289% in just 3 days.

It just started trading on Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN). And that’s creating a ton of buying from individuals and institutional investors.

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Altcoin Jumps 289% in 3 Days (TICKER)

So, what is this altcoin?

The crypto is called Pluton (PLU).

On Jan. 24 Coinbase announced that Pluton would be available for transfer.

Plus, trading on Coinbase began on Jan. 25.

Pluton is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Platus is a crypto project that offers a debit card that with crypto rewards. Basically, users who spend money with the card earn 3% in Pluton (PLU) crypto.

It’s currently only available in the European Union.

Let’s say you bought PLU on Sunday.

Well, today you’d be up 289%…

Turning a $5k stake into over $19,450 – in just 3 days.

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