BUY Alert: Top 5 Crypto IPOs

BUY Alert: Top 5 Crypto IPOs

Have you heard of “Initial Crypto Offerings?”

It’s when an altcoin gets listed and starts trading on a major crypto exchange.

When that happens, the price of a Crypto Moonshot can jump as much as 645% in a week.

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5 new digital currencies started trading this week. And they saw explosive gains…

  • 52.2% profits in UNFI in less than 24-hours
  • 63.4% profits in MPL in 1 day
  • 71.2% profits in DIA in 1 day
  • 85% profits in CTX in 1 day
  • 289% profits in PLU in just 3-days

 Here’s the thing…

You’ve got to buy these little-known cryptos BEFORE they “go public.”

It’s easier said than done. Yet I’ve developed a simple 3-step approach that for uncovering these altcoins – ahead of a big move.

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Initial Crypto Offerings versus Initial Public Offerings

An Initial Public Offering or IPO is when a company “goes public.”

Here in the U.S., the major stock exchanges include the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Well, the same thing happens when a digital currency goes public.

Let’s consider what happens with IPOs…

A stock typically trades on only one stock exchange. Note thatthe exception is international companies that may trade on multiple exchanges in different countries.

Typically, individual investors can’t buy shares of a company until it “goes public” in an Initial Public Offering or IPO.  That’s when the stock starts trading on a public exchange.

Now consider what happens with cryptocurrencies…

There are hundreds of digital currency exchanges. And many of these exchanges accept clients from around the world. So, the geographic limitations of exchanges are largely eliminated.

Typically, a crypto is listed and trading on several exchanges.

However, listing on a major exchange such as BinanceCoinbase or FTX is really important. And the price of a crypto can soar immediately after being listed on one of these exchanges.

Just consider Coinbase…

It has 73 million users. $255 billion in assets.  And $327 billion in quarterly trading volume.

When a new digital currency starts trading – individual investors and institutional investors instantly get access. And many people will rush onto the platform to buy the latest altcoin.

That’s why it’s critical to buy up and coming cryptos BEFORE they go mainstream.

These are called Crypto Moonshots – because the gains can be so huge.

These cryptos can see a huge pop during the week that they start trading. However, the biggest gains often happen in the weeks leading up to a listing.

That’s why Crypto Moonshots soared in 2021…

  • 9,412% with Solana
  • 12,858 with Polygon
  • 16,393% with Fantom

So, what will be the next big winner?

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Andrew Packer

Andrew Packer

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