NFT Crypto Pops 227% – What’s Next

One crypto powering real estate transactions is soaring…

NFT Crypto Pops 227% -
What’s Next

Jumping 227% in just 7-days.

The move was sparked by an “initial crypto offering” on a major exchange. And that’s creating a surge of BUYING activity.

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Take a look at this chart from mid-January…

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NFT Crypto Pops 227% -
What’s Next

On Jan. 12 Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) announced that a new crypto called Propy (PRO) would “go public” and start trading.

The price instantly jumped – soaring 227% in just 7 days!

Real Estate + NFTs = Propy

Propy is using blockchain technology to revolutionize real estate transactions.

Imagine buying or selling a house – WITHOUT a realtor… an attorney… escrow… or even a bank.

That’s what’s now possible with the blockchain from Propy.

Propy is using the functionality of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with real estate transactions.

NFTs became extremely popular in early 2021. Thus far, they’ve been used almost exclusively for digital assets such as artwork, photos, videos and audio.

However, there’s a move toward using NFTs and the blockchain to back the ownership of physical assets as well.

Propy is entering the Florida real estate market. And it plans to sell its first house on the blockchain in Miami.

The idea is that the blockchain can simplify transactions… make them faster… and save buyers and sellers tons of money by cutting out the financial middlemen in any transaction. 

It’s the tokenization of everything.

Everything that CAN be put on the blockchain WILL be on the blockchain.

Real estate. Artwork. Cars. Loans.

It will ALL be on the blockchain.

Propy is the latest crypto that’s suddenly soaring – and attracting a sizable audience of investors.

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  • 9,412% with Solana
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