This IPO is Bigger Than Finland

It’s going to be the biggest IPO ever . . . with an expected valuation of $315 billion!

The company is called Ant Group (private). And shares are expected to start trading on Nov. 5 in the biggest IPO.

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Finland may have a gross domestic product of $276 billion . . .

Yet Ant Group is expected to have an even greater market value, the biggest IPO in history.

The entire company will be valued at around $315 billion, according to Bloomberg. That’s based upon the expected IPO price – and doesn’t reflect the share price once trading begins.

The AVERAGE IPO jumps 22% in day No. 1 of trading. 21 IPOs have already doubled since going LIVE. So, it’s quite possible that this stock jumps once trading begins.

Ant Group plans to raise $34.5 billion in its IPO. That would make it the biggest IPO in history.

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The company plans to sell nearly 270 million shares at HK$80.

Institutional investors are clamoring for shares of Ant. Reports suggest that demand for Ant’s IPO shares stood at 76 billion shares.

That means the IPO was “oversubscribed” by 284 times!

Popular initial public offerings are often oversubscribed. This suggests that “smart money” investors think the IPO price is attractive. And they want to scoop up shares before the stock starts trading.

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Unfortunately, most regular investors never have a chance.

That’s because Wall Street investment banks typically don’t open these types of deals to regular investors. Instead, they allocate prized IPO shares to their billion-dollar institutional clients including hedge funds and pension funds. Plus, corporate CEOs and billionaires often get shares in these types of deals.

Heck, even if you have $1 million or even $10 million, it won’t be enough.

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