Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager’s NEW Crypto CONFESSION

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager’s NEW Crypto CONFESSION

I was wrong.

That’s what billionaire Ken Griffin just confessed about his stance on crypto.

It comes after crypto’s market cap grew from over $748 billion in 2018 to around $2 trillion today…

… while delivering truly astonishing gains to early investors.

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Ken Griffin is the CEO and founder of hedge fund manager Citadel.

And he’s been a crypto critic for a long time.

But just like JPMorgan… Goldman Sachs… and billionaire Ray Dalio…

He’s now changed his mind about cryptocurrencies.

Which doesn’t surprise after their astronomical rise – as well as these shocking returns.

In a new interview, he said:

“Crypto has been one of the great stories in finance over the course of the last 15 years. And I’ll be clear, I’ve been in the naysayer camp over that period of time.

The crypto market today has a market capitalization of about $2 trillion in round numbers, which tells you that I haven’t been right on this call.”

He also said his hedge fund Citadel will soon be involved in cryptocurrencies…

… amid the growing demand for the new asset class.

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