Buy This “solid state” Battery Stock Now

Buy This “solid state” Battery Stock Now

Electric Vehicles went mainstream in 2021.

Yet these new cars and trucks still face a major roadblock if they want to achieve mass adoption.

They need faster-charging batteries that provide longer driving range.

The solid-state battery could be the solution.

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Today, one new company is working to develop the battery of the future. And it’s not Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) or General Motors (NYSE: GM).

Instead, it’s a new 10-year-old startup founded by a university professor.

The company is working with Ford (NYSE: F) and BMW to revolutionize the EV battery. And it’s already making some huge strides.

  • 100% safe – eliminating risk of a fire during an accident
  • EV range can be 482 miles – versus 266 miles for the typical EV today
  • Battery life is doubled – to more than 16 years
  • Achieves a 90% charge in just 20 minutes

This company plans to begin producing its batteries for commercial use in 2022. Those batteries will be delivered to BMW and Ford for testing.

It expects to have vehicles on the road using the battery by 2026.

Frankly, this company could transform the automotive industry. And it could help power a new generation of EVs.

This solid-state battery company is just one of the stocks making up the “new FAANG” powerhouse. A soon-to-be household name group of stocks known as MACE stocks.

I have such a high conviction with MACE stocks that I’ll be adding them to my own personal portfolio in the coming week. In fact I’m allocating $100,000 of my own money towards MACE.

In many ways it reminds me of Tesla Motors back in 2013.

That’s when I bought the stock in my own trading account. At the time – the stock was trading at $38.41. After accounting for a 5-for-1 stock split…

That works out to approximately $7.68 per share.

Tesla had just launched the Model S. The company was losing tons of money. Wall Street analysts said that nobody wanted to buy electric vehicles. And the stock was in a funk.

*** Buying Tesla was NOT a popular decision at the time. ***

However, I was able to see the future. And realize that the time for EVs was coming. And coming soon.

You know how the story ends…

Tesla stock is now around $1,040 – a 13,417% higher than my entry price.

Those gains have been huge. However, I’m expecting that this is just the start. Because today, EVs make up just 7.2% of global automotive sales.

Over the next decade they’ll reach 50% of auto sales – approximately a 600% increase.

That type of tailwind will fuel huge growth for dozens of companies in the EV supply chain. And I’m willing to bet that this tiny company’s solid state EV batteries will see huge demand.

This stock is just one of several that make up what’s called the “MACE Race” – a group of stocks that is soon going to replace FAANG as the NUMBER ONE trade of the decade.

That’s why I’m hosting this exclusive LIVE webinar.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

Ian Wyatt

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