This IPO is Bigger Than Airbnb & DoorDash – And Far More Profitable

coinbase ipo

Airbnb and DoorDash were the two biggest IPOs of 2020, jumping 86% and 113% respectively on the first day of trading! Yet next week’s Coinbase IPO could be even bigger.

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DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) launched its IPO at $102 per share last December. And the food delivery service instantly got a $38 billion market cap.

The next day Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) went public. And the $68 IPO price valued the company at $46 billion. Airbnb stock is now up 162% from the IPO price.

These two IPOs were blockbuster successes. However . . .

The Coinbase IPO next week will be much, much bigger (click here for my #1 crypto Pre-IPO trade).

In March, Coinbase shares were trading on the Nasdaq Private Market. Those trades implied a market value of $68 billion.

SEC filings show that the average share price between January and March was $343. Meanwhile, last September the private stock was trading below $29.

This means Coinbase Pre-IPO shares multiplied 1,083% in less than six months!

Early investors will earn huge gains . . .

This includes the hedge fund Tiger Global and  venture capital firms including Battery Ventures, Greylock Partners and Andreesen Horowitz.

Coinbase raised $300 million from venture capital firms back in 2018. And that financing gave the company a $8 billion market value.

You can see that early investors are making huge gains with crypto stocks.

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So, what’s Coinbase worth?

Rumors are swirling regarding the company’s IPO price and valuation.

DA Davidson says the market cap will be around $90 billion. And Delphi Digital says the company is worth $160 billion.

Coinbase is going public on April 14 on the NASDAQ with the ticker “COIN.”

The company is conducting a direct listing. That means the company will NOT raise any capital. And the stock will simply start trading on the exchange.

I’m expecting tons of interest in Coinbase stock. And I’ll probably BUY a few shares – if the price isn’t ridiculous.

However, I’m far more excited about these crypto Pre-IPOs.

Frankly, one of these stocks is very, very similar to Coinbase. It’s a cryptocurrency exchange – allowing investors to BUY and SELL Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies.

Today, you can claim shares for less than $15. And it’s an absolute bargain compared with Coinbase at over $300 per share.

My price target estimate suggests that this crypto IPO could jump 352% AFTER it goes public.

Don’t wait for the Coinbase IPO.

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Ian Wyatt

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