Bitcoin $400k: The #1 Crypto Stock to Buy Now

Bitcoin is taking up some very bullish price targets.

JP Morgan expects BTC to hit $95k next year. And Bloomberg analysts just issued a $400,000 price target.

This suggests a 57% – 561% jump from the current price. 

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The price of bitcoin is surging 733% in the last year – and it’s now trading above $60,000.

The rapid rise is sparking big and bold predictions for the cryptocurrency.

  • JP Morgan expects other institutional investors will begin buying Bitcoin. The influx of  new investors buying BTC could help send prices above $95,000 this year. And JP Morgan issued a longer-term price target of $130,000.

  • One well-regarding analyst named Peter Brandt accurately predicted the Bitcoin crash in 2018. He now expects BTC to hit $180,000 – $200,000 by the end of 2021.

  • Bloomberg analysts reviewed the bullish run for BTC in 2013 and 2017. Based upon that technical analysis – the firm says it could top $400,000.

The total market capitalization of ALL cryptocurrencies now exceeds $2 trillion. And Bitcoin alone is valued at over $1 trillion.

The booming market for cryptos is encouraging Coinbase (private) to launch an IPO this week.

The biggest U.S. crypto exchange plans to go public on April 14. Shares will start trading on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol COIN.

Coinbase cropty stock shares recently traded on the NASDAQ private market between $350 – $375. And that suggests a total market value around $100 billion.

Private shares of Coinbase are up over 1,083% in the last six months!

That’s why I’m extremely excited about this new crypto exchange that plans to IPO in the next few months. Frankly, a strong performance for Coinbase could dramatically increase the share price of this crypto stock.

Today, you can claim shares of this crypto stock for less than $15. And it’s an absolute bargain compared with Coinbase at over $300 per share.

My price target estimate suggests that this crypto exchange IPO could jump 352% AFTER it goes public.

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Ian Wyatt

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