Crypto Whale Buys Bitcoin Dip with $500 Million

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“Buy the dip.”

That’s what America’s biggest crypto whale is doing to take advantage of Bitcoin’s drop below $50,000.

Buying the Bitcoin dip makes sense.

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MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) is the biggest corporate owner of Bitcoin (BTC).

It’s led by Michael Saylor – one of the biggest promoters of the cryptocurrency.

MicroStrategy has been aggressively buying Bitcoin.

The company bought $82.4 million Bitcoin between Nov. 29 and Dec. 8.

Plus, MicroStrategy put $414.4 million into Bitcoin in October and November.

MicroStrategy is a Virginia-based company that provides business intelligence and cloud computing software to corporate clients.

However, the company is now far more famous for its purchases of Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy announced its first $250 million purchase of Bitcoin in August 2020. That’s when the company scooped up 21,000 Bitcoins for $11,905 each.

Since then the company has acquired Bitcoin now valued at $6 billion – more than any other corporation. The average cost is just $29,861 per BTC.

Today MicroStrategy carries a market capitalization of $6.5 billion. With $6 billion of Bitcoin – it’s easy to see that the company gets most of its value from the Bitcoin holdings.

Why Is MicroStrategy Buying Bitcoin?

CEO Saylor says Bitcoin is the world’s reserve currency.

It’s a hedge against the overly aggressive money printing by the U.S. government and central banks around the world.

Typically, the U.S. federal reserve would increase the money supply by 5% per year. However, that changed during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

You can see here that the U.S. money supply has jumped by 41% since early 2020:

Increasing the money supply means that each dollar in circulation is worth less.

This is one reason you’ve seen the major stock market indices ripping higher by +20% annually. And it’s why the value of your home has probably jumped by 15% – 30%, depending upon where you live.

Bitcoin is simply a hedge against aggressive money printing.

However, it’s not great for conducting transactions. That’s because it’s slow, uses a ton of energy, and transaction fees are expensive.

That’s why a new wave of next-generation cryptos are filling the void.

These new digital coins are faster and transact cheaper than BTC. And they’re being used for DeFi, smart contracts, NFTs and in the metaverse.

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