Will Regulators Approve This REAL Bitcoin ETF?

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Fidelity launched its Bitcoin ETF on Dec. 3.

Just 10 days later – the ETF now has $1.8 billion in assets. 

Billions are now flowing into Bitcoin ETFs. However, even the smartest investors are missing out on “the next Bitcoin.”

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hasn’t approved a Bitcoin ETF for the U.S. yet. Only ETFs that use futures contracts instead.

That’s why Fidelity Investments partnered with Purpose Investments of Canada. And together, the firms are launching the first North American ETF that actually OWNS Bitcoin.

It’s the Purpose Bitcoin ETF (TSE: BTCC).

This ETF is actually surprisingly simple.

Investors purchase shares in the ETF. And the ETF in turn purchases actual Bitcoin and holds the digital currency in cold storage.

The ETF is now sitting on 28,974 Bitcoin. Today, they’re valued at $1.8 billion.

Unfortunately, the ETF is only available to Canadians and investors with access to Canadian markets.

That means most Americans will NOT be able to buy shares of the Purpose Bitcoin ETF.

Other ETFs such as the Proshares Bitcoin (NYSE: BITO) trade futures. That means they’re not purchasing Bitcoin in the spot market.

This presents two problems…

  1. The price of the ETF does not accurately track the price of the Bitcoin over long periods of time.
  2. Purchasing shares of the ETF does not result in purchases of Bitcoin in the market.

Canada is a small country – its population is just 10% of the United States. So, it’s quite remarkable that this ETF accumulated nearly $2 billion in assets in 10 days.

When Will the U.S. Approve a Real Bitcoin ETF?

So, when will the U.S. get a real Bitcoin ETF?

Most investors want an ETF that actually owns the cryptocurrency – rather than futures contracts.

Digital asset industry insiders have been testifying in front of Congress. They’re working to help lawmakers better understand these new assets. And they’re asking for clear rules and regulations.

It’s possible that Congress will act in 2022. And that could open the doors to a real Bitcoin ETF.

Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission is currently reviewing four ETF applications. Global X, WisdomTree, Kryption and Valkeyrie are looking to launch ETFs.

The SEC is expected to decide the first week of January.

A Bitcoin ETF would be huge for American investors. And the overall industry.

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